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Although it may look like a small venture to sell on Amazon but may quickly take up your huge time. You may require to spend hours on small tasks to maintain small progress. There’s the only solution: hire an Amazon virtual assistant.

In this ultimate guide to hiring an Amazon virtual assistant, let’s explore when and how you should hire a VA. More on, how to manage the person you contract and how to determine whether the virtual assistant you choose is the right fit for your business or not.

What A Virtual Assistant or Amazon VA will Do?

First of all, a virtual assistant is essentially a multi-skilled human resource who provides support to business owners online as well as offsite around the globe —either full-time or part-time or just a few hours in a week to accomplish any task related to your business. Moreover, completing tasks that require huge time & high skills, a virtual assistant is the most prominent option for you.

Let’s explore more about amazon virtual assistants. Amazon virtual assistants have an array of professional skills based on intensive training & experience. They have the ability to perform all multiple tasks to grow your Amazon business. Product Research, Keyword Research, Market/Competitor Analysis, Brand Registry, Professional Amazon Listing Creation, EBC/A+ Content Writing, Images Optimization, Review & Email Management, Customer Service (including Chat Support), PPC Management, and Order Processing – In short, they will provide you A-Z services.

According to layman’s language, Amazon Virtual Assistant is a remote working human resource that can:

  • Help in managing your Amazon store
  • Handle a variety of tasks
  • Work from anywhere across the globe

It would be right to say that virtual assistants are a much-needed intervention for the growth of the business.

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Vital Tasks Performed by Amazon Virtual Assistants

Here are typical examples of such tasks:

Amazon Product Research by VA

An Amazon VA will assist you with inaccurate product research to grow your business rapidly. Product research includes finding items with maximum profit in a specific budget. The product should be in high demand with minimum competitors. In simple words, the failure factor of the product should be minimum on Amazon.

Get A Brand Approval from Suppliers

Have you ever really thought about why wholesale suppliers truly avoid working with Amazon sellers? It’s obviously not just because to sell on Amazon.

Let’s take a deep dive to understand. It’s because wholesale suppliers focus on the ethical ways of business. While the sellers don’t follow good business strategies mostly. So, after being alarmed so many times, at last, they avoid to work with Amazon sellers.

Suppliers gave us one of these or all – Terrible communication (email only), small orders (small sales), they didn’t stick around (no relationship) and they didn’t try to follow MAP policies. It’s like they gave us the way for getting approved with suppliers. We changed the way of conversation and solved their concerns before they could even tell us.

The above-mentioned behavior was found because of these conversations.

Get A Brand Registry on Amazon

Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry reveals a suite of tools to help in building and protecting your brand. Moreover, it helps in creating a better experience for customers.

Amazon Brand Registry Program is to make you a brand owner. The brand owner gets enhanced marketing features and has complete control over the copyrights of your belongings. It secures you from other sellers on Amazon. The enrollment is a straightforward and one-time process, which is done at Seller Central.

Obviously, Amazon has complicated algorithms to compile product information from various sellers. So, Brand Name Registry is also compulsory if a manufacturer has different retailers selling his/her goods online. Thus, this becomes highly important for sellers selling on Amazon Seller Central. Without the brand itself, a seller might lose a lot in terms of sales. It is a way to help sellers to:

  • Add branded products
  • Manage branded products
  • Exclude the brand’s imitation products in the marketplace
  • Make sure that the information about the branded product on the detailed page is correct

Benefits of Brand Registry on Amazon

There are a lot of benefits of brand registry:

  • A+ Content
  • Sponsored Brand Display Ads
  • Amazon Stores
  • Amazon Brand Analytics
  • Protect your brand
  • Accurate listings
  • Proactive brand protection
  • Report violations
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Amazon Deep Competitor Analysis 

An Amazon VA will efficiently support you in competitor analysis. You can give them precise instructions on your requirements and they will conduct extensive research on the market. More on, he will also brief you about the market influence on a specific product or business. On behalf of a VA, you can have accurate and essential competitor information. eCommerce is all about finding your potential customers and their requirements. 

You can learn the following points from market research and competitor analysis:

  • Your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
  • The quality of their product pages 
  • Reviews and responses to their brand 
  • The targeted keywords, ad campaigns, marketing efforts, etc. 

This helps to market your product and improves reach and conversion rates effectively. Outsourcing it to an Amazon VA saves your time. Meanwhile, you earn actionable insights to work on. It is a win-win! 

Professional Customer Services

Although, you can do this yourself but soon, you will know that answering customers’ queries is not so easy due to huge time consumption. So, delegating customer support services to VA or hiring a VA for this task is the best option. Consistent customer service is important to maintain the account’s health based on positive reviews and a high-quality user experience. Luckily, VAs can help you herein:

  • creating message templates 
  • Answering queries on time with accurate information about your products, shipping procedures, and anything else customers wants to know
  • Responding appropriately (both positive and negative) to reviews
  • Checking reviews to orders and taking any essential action
  • Handling orders queries
  • Managing refunds queries

It will help you to maintain a long-term relationship with your customers as well as to enhance your brand image as well.

Amazon Listing Creation and Optimization by Assistant

A virtual assistant specializing in copywriting will be a huge asset for making new product descriptions. The VA can also optimize your Amazon listings to create them more appealing to customers and to assist you to gain more visibility.

Make sure that the listings are accurate and well optimized according to Amazon guidelines. Although you can do it but you need a high level of skills & expertise. So, you need an Amazon VA to manage it. An experienced Amazon assistant can track and manage all listing optimizations to rank on specific keywords with his professional expertise. A virtual assistant can be the best option for your Amazon business’s performance. 

Amazon product listings can be manipulated to: 

  • Improve search rankings
  • Drive more traffic to your store
  • Increase visitor count and conversion rates 

There are five primary elements in any Amazon product listing – Title, Description, Images, Features, and Reviews. For example, the main product image must have 1000 or higher pixel dimensions. As per Amazon, a product title with keywords and features performs better than without these. The bullets to highlight product attributes also perform well. The description should be concise, light, and filled with accurate details. And, highlighting the most positive reviews. 

In short, your Amazon product listing will execute more if you concentrate on:

  • Keyword integration/stuffing
  • Number and quality of images
  • Content for product title and description 
  • Product page layout 
  • Vetting the reviews & ratings and pitching focus on the best ones 
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Language Translator

If you desire to begin selling on an Amazon marketplace for another country, a virtual assistant who is fluent in more languages than just English may be capable to be a translator. Moreover, translating product descriptions could implicate communication with customers.

Order Processing

An Amazon VA handles order processing or management tasks by shipping inventory in FBA, getting Amazon barcodes for each unit, downloading shipping labels, observing shipments, and checking units accepted.

Inventory management

  • Real-time Monitoring: A virtual assistant can continuously monitor your product inventory, providing alerts when items are running low. This proactive approach helps you restock before it affects your sales.
  • Demand Forecasting: By analyzing past sales trends, a virtual assistant can predict future demand more accurately. This insight empowers you to adjust your inventory levels accordingly.
  • Supplier Communication: Your virtual assistant can coordinate with suppliers, ensuring a steady flow of products. This minimizes disruptions and keeps your inventory replenished.

Order Fulfillment by Professionals

Order fulfillment is the phase of receiving, handling, and shipping orders to the customer. It is a clunky and time-consuming phase that concerns several efforts and thus has a high cost for businesses. Amazon has the following choices to sellers to order fulfillment services.

  • Drop Shipping: The main focus is on selling items. The manufacturer manages inventory, labeling, shipping, and delivery.
  • Third-Party Fulfilment: You buy and stock the inventory in someone’s warehouse to focus on sales. However, a third-party logistics partner handles the storage and shipping.
  • Self-fulfillment (FBM – Fulfillment by Merchant): This concerns selling, storing, shipping, and managing product returns as well. 
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): The most convenient way in which amazon manages picking, packing, delivering, and order-related customer communication.

Selecting any of these involves a lot of care. Each & all aspects such as Amazon FBA fee, storage costs, and warehouse rents must be compared before preferring a fulfillment mode. That is where a professional Amazon VA can come in handy. He can take care of your goods, order entry, warehouse management/cooperation, delivery, invoices, and customer support for orders.

Image Enhancement/Optimization Support

Images play a vital role in your Amazon product page. Hence, your VA can assist in the modification of logo design, listing images, infographics, and other editing tasks.

First of all, customers notice the listing’s main image. A virtual assistant with vast knowledge of photography can optimize pictures better and improve the impressions of pictures for more selling of your product. 

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Amazon Ad Campaigns (PPC) Services

You will get more customers if you run ads on Amazon. An experienced virtual assistant will create campaigns that could be more valuable. Your VA will set up campaigns (auto or manual or both depending upon the situation) using your relative keywords. To optimization of campaigns, he may put the keywords in negative keyword terms to eliminate unnecessary spending. Moreover, he will monitor analytics to analyze the performance of your campaigns and will make necessary adjustments to them.

Amazon SEO Management/Product Ranking

Amazon’s search algorithm determines product visibility. Your virtual assistant can optimize product listings to align with algorithm requirements. A strong Amazon SEO strategy can make or break your business. Harness the expertise of a proficient virtual assistant to navigate the complex world of SEO, driving traffic, sales, and success.

Administrative Tasks Services

A virtual assistant can assist you in administrative tasks like order processing, managing excel sheets & report handling.

Amazon WholeSale Services

Amazon Wholesale involves Product Research with Brand Approval and Shipping to sell through the Amazon warehouse. When you create an Amazon Wholesale Account, you will be ready to shop for bulk products from a wide range of brands that are ready to associate with third-party sellers just like you to sell their products wholesale on different platforms like Amazon. For this purpose, we offer you our Amazon Wholesale Services.

Create an Amazon Seller Account Services

The most compulsory step is to create an Amazon Seller Account where you will do these all business. Through this account, you can start selling the products on Amazon. Before you sign up, you should be well aware of account type (Individual or Company) with the following:

  • Email address (Individual Email else Business Email for business account)  
  • Internationally chargeable credit card (Only for Business Accounts)
  • Government ID (identity verification secures sellers and customers)
  • Physical Address (Unique or Shared)
  • Tax information
  • Phone number
  • A bank account (where Amazon can send your revenue)
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LLC/LTD Creation/Formation Services

If you are signing up for a company seller account then you need to register your company first. Either it could be an LLC or LTD. LTD is required when you want to sell in the UK market and except UK, LLC works. Get our best LLC services to help you in organizing and filing the necessary documents to form. While this can be done by yourself, but you may face more complexities or may stick in the middle of the formation.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of getting services. Using an LLC service might save your time and money in the long run. A service provider ensures all the necessary documentation and the process before its submission—an improperly or incomplete filled may invalidate an LLC formation. So, money and time both are wasted. We are a popular LLC/LTD services provider in the market based on cost, reliability, and usability. So, we are suggesting our trustworthy LLC/LTD services to get maximum advantages too.

TAX/VAT Registration Services

Interested to sell in the market but how is this possible without paying TAX/VAT? This is not the right strategy for long-term business. It may be harmful to your successful business. So, you must register for TAX/VAT as soon as either your business passes £85,000 in turnover (in the UK market) or you predict that, within your company’s current financial year, you pass that level of revenue.

Our TAX/VAT Registration services have helped thousands of businesses to successfully register TAX/VAT since we started. VAT/TAX is full of complexities and many companies make mistakes while registering which causes many troubles.

Get GTIN Exemption Services

What Is GTIN?

GTIN refers to Global Trade Identification Number, also known as Product ID. It is a unique number assigned to each & every product sold on Amazon. It is visible on a product’s packaging as a barcode label & is easy to generate invoices through a system.

Types of GTINs include:

  • UPC: UPC is used in the U.S. and Canada mostly. It is a Universal Product Code and also known as GTIN-12. Basically, it is a unique 12-digit numerical product identifier hidden under a barcode. You can see these on physical products in retail stores where invoices are generated through a system. This is the most common barcode type worldwide.
  • EAN: EAN refers to the “European Article Number” that is used in the European marketplace for products. The EAN is also known as GTIN-13 and is a unique 13-digit numerical product identifier under the barcode.
  • JAN: JAN refers to “Japanese Article Number” that is similar to an EAN in that it is used for Japanese marketplace products.
  • ISBN: ISBN is a product identifier used for books. An “International Standard Book Number” may have either 10 or 13 digits. The date of publishing refers to the number of digits.
  • GTIN-14: These are shipping container codes.

Requesting a GTIN Exemption

Most people are not familiar with this term. We will explain each and everything why & when is this required and how you can request & get GTIN exemption. So, you have to fulfill certain qualifications to get that exemption.

For GTIN exemption eligibility, first of all, you should check if your product exists in the Amazon catalog. Although, the same product is being sold by multiple different sellers. Moreover, it is common for all to be sold on a single listing.

‘Exemption’ means your products don’t exist on Amazon’s catalog and/or you don’t have barcodes (UPC).

If the product exists that matches yours, your offer can be an addition to the existing product without a GTIN. Within a while, the product should be visible under the manage inventory tab on “Seller Dashboard”. Else, in a case, if your product does not match, a request for a GTIN exemption can be made.

If you are the brand owner, manufacturer, or publisher, you will be required the following: Name of the product and 2-9 images of the product with white background at two different angles having the packaging of the product.

Instead of GTIN exemption, opening a GS1 account and getting barcodes is more comfortable. But ultimately, the easiest solution is to get GTINs.

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Benefits of Hiring Amazon Virtual Assistants

Save Time

Virtual Assistants are highly skilled persons. So, they accomplish their work before the client’s deadline to increase productivity.


Virtual assistants provide services for your business when it is necessary. You have to pay to VA only for what you require and when you need it. It is a highly cost-effective choice for your business.

Reduce overheads

Amazon virtual assistants operate from home or their own office. They do not need your office space. So, your business can enjoy cost savings and reductions.

Minimize employee obligations

A virtual assistant is independent: he will not commit to a contract of employment. So, no ancillary employee taxes or payable benefits are there. As VAs are self-employed, they are accountable for their taxation, insurance, and other employee advantages.

Set Expectations

Before doing anything, determine your requirements. Why do you want to outsource a certain task to a virtual assistant? 

  • It is a low-value activity
  • It takes so long to complete
  • You dislike doing it, or
  • You/your team don’t have the required skills

These questions will help you in determining whether the tasks should be assigned to a virtual assistant or not.

Set Key Performance Indicators

It’s more comfortable for the virtual assistant as well as you if tasks are divided from the start. So, be ready to evaluate the Amazon VA by clarifying these:

  • No. of hours they would work for 
  • Goals they are presumed to accomplish in 1 month/quarter/year
  • Tasks they would be liable for
  • Their rates and payment criteria
  • Communication rules, check-in rules, etc. 
  • Progress report format and process

Define Their Scope of Work

The biggest misstep is that stores don’t define the complete duties of their Amazon VAs. 

For instance, let’s assume you hire a virtual assistant for Amazon data entry. You hope they upload all product details in a listing. You also hope they write creative, keyword-optimized product descriptions. This is something you should be agreed on all the tasks else it’s a waste of resources and revenue. 

Thus, define all the responsibilities to avoid any confusion.

Give Them a Test-Run

Offering the applicants, a trial test is a good practice. It helps you know if they are redundant, irresponsible, inexperienced, or simply incompetent. At the same time, it works as a buffer between your requirements and their delivery capability. It shows an idea about the service & quality you desire. 

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Cons | Disadvantages of Hiring an Amazon Assistant


Entrusting aspects of your business to a remote individual requires a leap of faith, necessitating a strong foundation of trust.


Ensuring your VA acts with integrity is crucial, as they may have access to sensitive business information.

Don’t worry, GiantSol has a professional team and you will not face such issues while working with us.

The Most Appropriate Time to Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Still confused in hiring a virtual assistant would be beneficial? If yes, then make a list of all the tasks you have completed throughout the week and how long you have spent on each. Now, look at these tasks and think about how long you have wasted while you could outsource them to a VA. You could dedicate that time to other productive business activities.

Use the following list to figure out where you most require support. Consider:

  • What is carrying most of your time?
  • Which tasks are the most monotonous?
  • What activities require high professional skills?

Make sure about what tasks you want to cover through your assistant and then find someone with expertise in certain domains. If you have a lot of work in a various range of tasks, you may even require to contract more than one Amazon assistant.


Once you have determined about a VA, the next step is to get the right person for your business. This may lead you to the virtual assistant’s hiring process.

GiantSol has highly skilled virtual assistants for Amazon. Our efficient team is highly specialized with an established record of credibility and success. To get the ultimate advantage, you can delegate your business responsibilities to us, including some specific tasks or for A-Z services for a complete account, etc. Let our VAs boost up your store and lead it to new horizons of success. Just drop your requirements or doubts at [email protected].

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In conclusion, hiring an Amazon virtual assistant can undoubtedly enhance your business efficiency, but it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Assess your needs, budget, and the trustworthiness of the VA to make an informed decision that propels your Amazon venture forward.

Here is a golden tip for you: Don’t expect the virtual assistant to produce extreme results ASAP. Give some time to see your business as you do. Let them align their skills with your goals. 

Therefore, if you need assistance regarding product research, customer service, listing optimization, and other tasks to manage your store on Amazon, you must hire an Amazon virtual assistant. At GiantSol, you can hire an individual or a team of experts for your business’s growth through virtual assistance services. 

Would you like to have a quick discussion about our exclusive Amazon VA services? Then, schedule a meeting with our experts today by contacting us!


An Amazon virtual assistant is a remote professional who assists sellers with various tasks, enhancing their operational efficiency.
The cost varies based on the VA's experience, services offered, and location, but it's generally more affordable than traditional hiring.
Yes, as Amazon businesses grow, the demand for skilled VAs who understand the platform also increases.
An Amazon VA's income depends on their skills, services, and the number of clients they work with.
Research platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or agencies specializing in VA services, and conduct thorough interviews.
You can find Amazon VAs on freelance platforms, social media groups, and specialized VA agencies.
Start by gaining relevant skills like Amazon platform knowledge, e-commerce basics, and then offer your services at a competitive rate.
Essential skills include product research, inventory management, customer service, and familiarity with Amazon's seller interface.
Gain expertise in Amazon operations, create a strong online presence, and offer services through various platforms.


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